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Founder & CEO
Silicon Valley

The race to a billion crypto users? CLICK is going to win it. The “blitzpath” to a user-owned internet, is automatically taking possession of everything we do.

We've figured out how to mint all social media, onboarding every user to their own self-custody wallet, elevating them to:

- Do what they LOVE
- OWN what they do
- Right where they ARE

See what the user-owned internet actually looks like 👉🏽 https://youtu.be/1zSlfCDeOLg

DM me to lead _the investment_ in disrupting web2 with web3 😎

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Monday, November 28

9:45am EST

12:00pm EST

12:30pm EST

Tuesday, November 29

12:00pm EST

2:55pm EST

3:40pm EST

4:45pm EST

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