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RJ Randall

New Green Deal Corporation
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Ncog which is a member of a sustainability consortium

Let your brand be part of what is becoming the Most Powerful Earth Saving Sustainability Force On The Planet!

Ncog is a new search engine that allows you to monetize and control your browser history and search data. As part of our membership in the consortium we help the tree club plant trees and NGD Environmental Corporation modernizes landfills around the world. The Trees Club plants trees locally around the world.

Turn your client base, membership and or visitors into an “on-growing” revenue stream.
Monday, November 28

9:15am EST

9:30am EST

10:40am EST

11:00am EST

1:30pm EST

2:00pm EST

3:15pm EST

3:35pm EST

4:40pm EST

Tuesday, November 29

10:00am EST

10:35am EST

11:00am EST

11:30am EST

12:00pm EST

1:30pm EST

2:30pm EST

2:55pm EST

3:00pm EST

3:40pm EST

4:00pm EST

4:30pm EST

4:45pm EST

4:50pm EST

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