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Janey Park

The Fabricant
Head of Marketing & Growth
Janey is a Global Brand Strategist, Serial Dot Connector & HYPE WOMAN who helps you shoot your shot in style 🏀

👛 Freshly Minted at The Fabricant as the Head of Marketing & Growth 🚀
👠 Let's connect on Digital Fashion, Partnerships Opportunities & more


🧱 Looking to build your brand, then let me help you grow
🎙️ Want to be interviewed on Twitter Spaces, then let me amplify you
✍️ Got an X-MEN like Origin Story, then let me write your story
☎️ Let's connect & see how to partner to make Web3 different 🤝

👀 So... you may be asking Janey... Who the heck are you?

Korean American Global 👠 Fashion & Beauty Business Exec
10+ years in Asia including China, Hong Kong, Korea
Expertise in Brand Strategy, Marketing & Monetization
THAT person who can Hack YOUR problems into strategies & action plans

✈️ After getting stuck in the US in 2022 (5 flight cancelled & a 2.5 month flight ban to boot)...
🏁 I jumpstarted into Web3 like a crossover of Squid Game x Crash Landing On You x It's okay not to be okay #IYKYK
😎 As you can see, I have a way with words, crafting a story, building a brand, a sense of humor (I am told), and scaling brands 🤑
👩🏻‍💻 I am a Web3 Content Creator (Writing, Speaking, Video) & Brand Strategy Consultant... for YOU. Wen? Soon.
☎️ Book a FREE 15 minute consulting call (Link in profile)

🔗 How can we connect & support each other? Great question fren.

🎙️ Join my Rug Radio Show 🍪 Fresh On the Blockchain ⛓️
🗓️ Thursdays @ 3pm EST
The intersection 💥 of Culture & Commerce in Fashion 👠Streetwear 👟 Comics 🦸🏻‍♀️

Be a listener, speaker & even a guest 🫶

🧱 If you or someone you know is building in the space and need a Brand Strategist & Money Making Marketer, then send 'em my way

👋 Please say hello at DCENTRAL or Art Basel, let's talk Web3, make a TikTok or be professional & connect on LinkedIn
✨ I'm HERE for all of that & a bag of Salt & Vinegar Chips
Monday, November 28

9:00am EST

9:20am EST

9:30am EST

9:45am EST

10:00am EST

10:15am EST

10:30am EST

11:00am EST

11:30am EST

12:00pm EST

1:00pm EST

2:00pm EST

2:25pm EST

3:00pm EST

4:00pm EST

4:15pm EST

4:30pm EST

Tuesday, November 29

10:05am EST

10:15am EST

10:55am EST

11:00am EST

1:30pm EST

2:00pm EST

2:35pm EST

2:55pm EST

3:00pm EST

3:10pm EST

3:40pm EST

3:45pm EST

4:20pm EST

4:30pm EST

4:45pm EST

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