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Carlos Taboada

Investor, Entrepreneur and Technologist.
Investor, Entrepreneur and Technologist with years of experience in technology
I am very much into WEB3, NFTs ,Cryptocurrencies , Blockchain and the ways these emerging new technologies could change and impact our lives.
Strong knowledge in the areas of Mobile marketing, Marchine Learning and AI.
Sustainable energies enthusiast.

Monday, November 28

9:15am EST

9:30am EST

9:45am EST

10:00am EST

10:30am EST

11:00am EST

11:20am EST

11:30am EST

11:50am EST

1:00pm EST

1:30pm EST

1:45pm EST

1:50pm EST

2:00pm EST

2:15pm EST

2:25pm EST

2:30pm EST

3:00pm EST

3:30pm EST

3:45pm EST

4:00pm EST

4:15pm EST

4:30pm EST

Tuesday, November 29

9:45am EST

10:00am EST

10:30am EST

11:05am EST

11:30am EST

12:30pm EST

1:00pm EST

1:30pm EST

2:55pm EST

3:40pm EST

4:45pm EST

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